Give short men a chance

Height is the most lied about attribute on dating profiles. I can tell you in one word why the individuals who use matchmaking sites tell fibs, Vanity.

The Guardian has a column on why women should break the next dating taboo and start dating short men.

Why Women should Date Short Men

Not that this is news to me, I could have told them with all my 5’2″ frame that being on the left of the height curve means I’m at the top of the bell for being awesome. The only problem with being an amazing short spouse is getting someone to say yes to the first date.

Height is the most lied about attribute on dating profiles. I can tell you in one word why the individuals who use matchmaking sites tell fibs, Vanity.

My experience of the nightmare of internet dating led me to believe that the only thing that matters in an online profile is a photo of you and how tall you are. All that nonsense about your personality and algorithms that match you with your dream partner, that all goes out the window the moment someone sees what you look like.

Love may be blind by those looking for someone are not.

I once tried an experiment, after no success being stupidly honest (admitting my height is only 5’2″) and getting zero response from those who were meant to be in to my GSOH I added another foot. It worked so much better, but I ignored anyone who now was interested in me and my sudden growth spurt.

Men were more split about if they would go for someone taller. Nothing about what a person is like seems to trump this, either be high or go home.

I’ve experienced this height aversion so many times, I am certain that given a few more inches I would have not been as single as long as I was. Rather than someone who makes them happy all the Princesses I encountered would rather have someone who can reach things in the cupboard.

Thankfully, I found someone who didn’t care and is taller than me. As a 5’2″ male you find you either don’t care about height or have a smaller dating pool to choose from. Apparently this makes me a better husband, not that I help around the house or could rather put my daughter to bed than earn £10k more working in London.

The article suggests that because I’m short, I found it hard in the first place to get married so I’m less likely to put myself in the position to enter the dating market again. Small men are desperate, so we stick around rather than the fickle marriage vows of the tall. Maybe there is something to that.

Perhaps it is because I found people so quick to judge me on physical altitude that I am better at looking for the good in someone I want to marry rather than just looks. As I’m short I understand that sometimes I need help reaching the higher shelves in the cupboards so maybe I need to help others. My hobbitry makes me a perfect ringbearer.

By Geek Ergo Sum

Ah, so you worked out the riddle. You just needed to use dwarfish and the doors to Geek Ergo Sum opened. Or perhaps you just used Google. Either way you are here, on my little corner of the Internet.

One reply on “Give short men a chance”

I have been married for 50 years to the same man. When we married he was 1 m 72 tall and I was 1 m 75 tall (in Switzerland we do it all in metric, sounds better). I say “was” because you tend to shrink even more with age, but who cares. I did not marry a tape measure and neither did he. He is now 80 years old, I am 73 years old, so no reason to despair.


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