2020 Goals

It started with a resolution and ended with a whimper. I’ve spent the past few years setting myself a target for the following year only to spend December coming up with excuses why I’ve failed once again and how I will rectify the situation the following year.

With the start of a new year, and a new decade, I should think big. after all the 2010s may have been a car fire of a decade worldwide but ended up pretty well on a personal level. Yet big is scary, it is full of ambition and drive and if the last ten years have taught me anything, then it is that I have a finite reserve of this.

This year then will be no different. It will be one of incremental change and miniscule goals. Slight nudges into being a better person and more useful member of society.

I should read more

This has been a constant goal for the past few years and has met with failure every time. Then I went on holiday and something changed. For the first time in a long time I read. It helped there were no children around, but I sat and turned pages. Books on Chernobyl, stories about Greek heroes and a history of football. Since then I’ve reread trilogies and begun on the classics. Next year is the year I will be a proper reader again.

Make something

I spend my life with keyboards and pixels. By day I make charts and by night I do nothing productive. I need to make more in my life and fill an urge to create something corporeal. I have plenty of options. I could restart making models or maybe learn to sew? I just need to do something with my hands that isn’t pressing squares down to make a character appear on a screen.

Maybe write more

Saying that it wouldn’t hurt to knock out a few more pieces of creative writing.

Get under 30 inches

Although I have been fitter than I have been for a few years I could enjoy improving further. Along with Mrs G I ran a 5k race, I joined a gym and lost weight for the first time. Now it is time I really sped up the health improvements and gain some muscle definition along the way. The next step is fitting into some slim waist trousers.